Get Immediate Help

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Call 911

For any emergency that requires police, fire, or emergency medical personnel, call 911.

Suicide and Crisis Response

The Mental Health Crisis Program provides services to residents and professionals in Carver and Scott counties. All staff are Licensed Mental Health professionals, and Allied Medical Providers in the two local hospitals. The goal is to provide immediate crisis intervention, early identification of mental health issues, and avoid out-of-home placements.

  • 24-hour Telephone & Mobile Crisis Services:  (952) 442-7601

Poison Control

If you suspect poisoning, call the Minnesota Poison Control System at 1-800-222-1222. Do not wait for symptoms to appear. If the person is unconscious or in immediate distress, call 911.

Infectious Disease

If you are a physician with an infectious disease issue, call the Minnesota Department of Health at (651) 201-5414 or 1-877-676-5414. After hours, you will be able to leave a message and the on-call staff will return your call.

Foodborne Illness

If you think you are ill from eating food in a public setting, call the Minnesota Foodborne Illness Hotline at (651) 201-5655 or 1-800-FOOD ILL (1-800-366-3455).

Public Health Emergency

A public health emergency is anything that causes, or could cause, injuries or illness to a large number of people. Public health emergencies include:

  • Infectious disease outbreaks
  • Health-endangering effects of sever weather, natural disasters, or power outages
  • Incidents resulting in mass casualties
  • Toxic chemical or radiological releases
  • Acts of bioterrorism

To report a natural or manmade emergency that may have serious public health consequences for the community, call Carver County Dispatch at (952) 361-1231.

Emergency Community Health Outreach (ECHO)

For persons with limited English speaking ability, information is available through ECHO at (651) 224-3344 or on the ECHO website.