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Kathy Smith, Land Records Manager
600 East 4th St., Chaska, MN 55318
Phone: (952) 361-1930
Fax: (952) 361-1931


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The Carver County Land Records & Vitals Department continues to process recording documents. Please take the following actions to limit the spread of the infection and reduce its impact on our communities and our health care system.

*We strongly recommend that you record documents electronically:

  • If you submit your documents electronically, we will record and return them, in most cases within a day or two of submission. Processing paper documents will be considerably delayed due to the number of staff working remotely. 
  • Use of LandShark is available remotely as our public resource room is closed.
  • Check our website or contact our office if you need information on the e-recording process,
    (952) 361-1930.
  • If you have a plat to record, call Brian, Carver County Surveyor at (952) 466-5268 or email to schedule an appointment.
  •  If you have a document that requires urgency (TODD, Split, priority pictures, etc.) please call our office to discuss options to record at (952) 361-1930 or email .

**Due to COVID19, Minnesota Session Laws recently passed an amendment to allow Marriage License Application and Oath without appearance during a peacetime emergency declared by the governor in an executive order that relates to the infectious disease known as COVID-19. This will allow the Land Records & Vitals office to administer the marriage oath to couples thru virtual communication. Please call our office for more information.

**If you applied for a marriage license and your wedding date has been delayed because of COVID19 and you are still within the 6-month active time frame, you may be able to return the marriage packet you received from Carver County. You would not receive a refund however you would be eligible for a reissued license when you are able to reschedule your wedding.
Per MS 517.08 Subd 1b(a) If the license should not be used within the period of six months due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, it may be surrendered to the local registrar for cancellation, and in that case a new license shall issue upon request of the parties of the original license without fee.

**Requests for vital records can be made by downloading an application from our website and either emailing to or mailing to Land Records & Vitals Department, 600 E 4th Street, Chaska MN 55318. The type of application determines if it can be emailed or needs to be mailed. You can also drop off applications for vital record requests in the Tax Payment drop box (next to the US Mail box) in the parking lot at the Government Center.

It is our intent to process mail as soon as possible, understand that this will be delayed due to limited staff.


In August 2017, the Carver County Board approved the creation of a "One-Stop" Land Records Department to streamline property transfers.  The new Department will continue to maintain the County Recorder's permanent, public repository of land records and will start processing land transfers such as plats, lot splits, deeds and mortgages.  Combining both responsibilities into a "One-Stop" Department will improve customer service by streamlining the land transfer process as well as increase county staff productivity.  

Electronically submitted documents can now be recorded the day they are received.  Credit cards are accepted and separate checks are no longer required to process recording/conservation fees or deed/mortgage taxes.  Property tax payments still need to be paid separately from land transfer payments.

The Department processes all legal instruments that convey land, such as warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, plats and adjust the abstract books and maps to reflect the process. The staff processes land combinations; splits to property and the vacation of roads and annexation of land.  We also calculate and collect state deed tax, mortgage registration tax and review all certificates of real estate value. The Land Records Manager administers County and Joint Ditch assessments as well as the tax forfeiture process.  

Effective January 1st, 2018, Subsurface Sewage Treatment System forms (SSTS) will be required to be submitted for all Point of Sale (POS) transfers to be recorded.

The County's land records have been integrated with GIS which will greatly simplify and improve accessibility for the public.  Historical land records dating back to the mid 1800's are in the process of becoming electronically accessible to the public in the same format as recent land transactions.  

Confidence in public land records is critically important to our nation's economy.  Property ownership is the foundation of wealth and a key component to capitalism in the United States.  Because of the confidence the financial institutions have in public land records they issue loans that allow the purchase of property, maintenance of property, and funding college education or other dreams.  Carver County's "One-Stop" Land Records Department will strengthen the county's ability to efficiently and effectively manage future tax base growth as well as other change in the real estate industry. 

The Land Records Manager is Kathy Smith.  She is the best person to contact for questions/problems/suggestions related to plats, lot splits, ditches, deeds, mortgages, etc. at (952) 361-1972 or

The County Recorder/Registrar of Titles is Kaaren Lewis.  She is the best person to contact for questions/problems/suggestions related to Abstract property.  Her contact information is (952) 361-1920 or

The Assistant Recorder is Connie Smith.  She is the best person to contact for questions/problems/suggestions related to Torrens property.  Her contact information is (952) 361-1935 or

Recording Documents:

Land Records oversees county recorder duties as they relate to the evaluation, recording, protection and preserving of all real estate documents in accordance with State Statutes. Some of the most frequently recorded documents include Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Satisfactions, Easements, Liens, and Plats.

All applicable documents can be recorded according to provisions provided below. All recorded documents are open for free public viewing in the Land Records office at the Government Center Administration Building, 600 E. Fourth St., Chaska. All applicable documents can be recorded, provided they are in proper form in accordance with State laws and the proper fee is paid. The County Land Records personnel cannot assist anyone with the proper preparation of documents for recording. If necessary, consult a legal advisor for assistance on types of forms, how to complete forms or for legal advice. Carver County uses the document standards for property records outlined in Minnesota Statutes 507.093.

Recording Documents In-Person
Applicable documents can be recorded in-person in the Land Records office at the Government Center in Chaska. Offices are open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, except for holidays recognized by the county.

Recording Documents by U.S. Mail
Applicable documents can be recorded when mailed with the appropriate fees, a cover letter describing the contents, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a telephone number.

Mail to:
Carver County Land Records
Attn: Document Recording
600 E. 4th St
Chaska, MN 55318

Recording Documents by Electronic Media

Carver County now accepts the electronic recording of some type of documents. This is a specialized recording method that requires specific agreements with the county. For more information about electronic recording, consult a land title specialist at (952) 361-1930 or email

The following links will direct you to the Minnesota Association of County Officers (MACO) website regarding standards and fees:

Recorder Checklist
Recorder Fee Schedule (Statutory fees)
Recorder Fee Schedule (Non-Statutory fees)
Recorder Forms


Researching land documents recorded prior to 1988 requires the use of reception index books and/or tract index books. These books are currently not available to be viewed with any computer-based search tools. Searches must be in-person at the Land Records office or by consulting a professional land title research firm. When a document number is found, the actual document can be viewed and printed from either a set of microfiche or books in the Land Records office.

Researching land documents dating from approximately 1988 forward can typically be found with a computer-based index known as LandShark. Most of these documents have been digitally scanned and can be retrieved and printed. For occasional research needs, there is a public research room equipped with computers and printers in the Land Records office at the Government Center Administration Building, 600 E. Fourth St., Chaska.

LandShark is also available as a web-based application. Its use as a web-based application requires a signed agreement and escrow account with Carver County. User fees as implemented by the Board of Commissioners are applicable. These fees are used to offset the costs of enhancements to the system, including the addition of land records currently not available. For more information about using LandShark as a web-based application, call (952) 361-1930. For general information use this link.

All recorded plats are available for viewing on the Carver County website using this link.