Meetings and Agendas

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Meetings and Agendas are available from the following Boards and Commissions. For information on all Boards and Commissions or to apply to fill a vacancy, please visit the Advisory Committees page.

Board or Commission Name  Description
 BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT Board issues variances to the County's zoning ordinance, waives restrictions on non-conforming uses and hears appeals on zoning decisions of an administrative official.
BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS The Board of County Commissioners is an administrative and policy-making body for Carver County.
MENTAL HEALTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE Committee advises the County Board and the Community Social Services Department on services relating to Mental Health and Mental Illness.
PARK COMMISSION Commission advises the County Board on acquisition, development, operation, and management of the park system.
PLANNING COMMISSION Commission advises County Board on planning issues, the comprehensive plan, and makes recommendations on applications for conditional use permits, rezoning and plats.
SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT (SWCD) BOARD An elected Board of five Supervisors governs Soil and Water Conservation Districts in Minnesota. Each Board member represents a District within the County, and each District was defined by municipal boundaries
WATER MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION This Committee will work with staff to make recommendations to the County Board on matters relating to the water plan.